Periodontal Care

Your gums enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile, just like a frame graces a beautiful masterpiece. But, when gum disease occurs, it can cause your gums to become red and swollen or recede. In later stages, periodontal disease can eventually destroy the health of your teeth, causing them to loosen, spread or fall out. Periodontal disease is an infection affecting the gums and supporting jawbone around your teeth. Studies have shown that by age 45, more than 80% of Americans have some degree of gum disease, the major cause of tooth loss in adults. Techniques to treat periodontal disease have become highly sophisticated. They may include non-surgical removal of harmful pocket forming bacterial plaque, antibiotic treatment, regenerative therapy or conventional surgical procedures, as well as dental implants. Treatment is carefully selected to match your specific needs. All treatment that is recommended will be performed with the greatest attention to detail, with minimal discomfort in the most modern setting. We take great pride in our services, our staff and office and want you to feel comfortable and safe with us. For more information, please visit the American Academy of Periodontology website.





American Academy of Periodontics
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