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Welcome to our Dental Office!

On behalf of our entire dental team, we welcome you to our office. We hope you will find the atmosphere here friendly, our accommodations comfortable, and our technical services exceptional.

Our desire is to provide you with dental care that can enhance the quality of your life, as such, we are proud to offer you periodontal care in one convenient location.

Establishing rewarding and lasting relationships with patients is important to us. We pledge excellence in all we do, and we look forward to helping you make the most of your periodontal health, now and for all the years to come. Since patient understanding and cooperation are important factors in the successful treatment of periodontal disease, we have prepared the following information to help you toward that end.

We appreciate that you have selected us to care for your periodontal problem. The following has been prepared to provide some basic information as to our methods of operation and also to introduce ourselves professionally. Please feel free to question any statements that are not clear so that we may provide further explanation.

Periodontists are specialists of Dentistry. They are primarily concerned with the supporting structures of the tooth. This includes the gums, bone, and ligaments attaching these structures.





American Academy of Periodontics
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